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  2. mollyyoung:

    Just the tip (of southern Greenland!)



  4. Most beautiful sound


    The twinkly part of “Love in This Club”


  5. mollyyoung:

    #tbt Daenerys hair


  6. mollyyoung:

    Yankees fan?


  7. mollyyoung:

    The world is amazing


  8. mollyyoung:

    Been pondering the enigma of my neighbor’s garage for weeks now. It is positioned about 200 yards from the street, across a lawn, and at a perpendicular angle to the main house.


  9. mollyyoung:

    Me: “Do I look like a pervert?”

    Emily: “Maybe don’t lick your lips like that.”

    Optical aviators, right this way folks!


  10. mollyyoung:

    I’m allowed