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  3. Crystal Castles - Sad Eyes

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    you can’t disguise sad eyes


  4. Crystal Castles - Affection

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    Crystal Castles - Affection


  5. Again, we’re back to fucking Plato.
    — Philosophy of Religion professor (via philosophyprofessorquotes)

  6. Your silence gives consent.
    — Plato (via awrittenrecord)

  7. You should not honor men more than truth.
    — Plato (via missfolly)


  9. 290sqm:

    Tomorrow’s a big day at 290 square meters: both Nike x Riccardo Tisci Black and the second A.P.C. x Kanye collection see their releases! The Tisci’s launch in our Amsterdam store July 17th and will be available online the next day whilst A.P.C. x Kanye is an in-store release in Amsterdam and Istanbul only. Stores open at 11AM.


  10. 290sqm:

    Critically acclaimed House of Dagmar present their latest collection for F/W’14. Classic items mix with block colours and cubism inspired prints to form a collection that is uniquely Dagmar.