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    Research carried out at the University of Sheffield has revealed intriguing parallels between modern day and Bronze-Age Syria as the Mesopotamian region underwent urban decline, government collapse, and drought.


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    The world

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    The world

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    The world

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    Seymour Fogel, Collage, ca. 1975, mixed media, 40 x 30 in., Treadway Gallery (sold march 2008)

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    Los Angeles by Todd

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    Birds (Graciela Iturbide)


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    Don’t tell anyone that I care. (photo:matt weber)


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    Sweet dreams (photo: matt weber)


  10. Anonymous said: If you write for the huffington post (I only saw it mentioned in your profile on Twitter), I question your authenticness. Unless, of course, you have to do it for a living. I get major spam-itis feelings when I enter that website.


    It’s not wise to question the authenticity of an approaching lightning bolt. I’m 100% independent.